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If you do not have any serious relationships at work or home, you may need to pay special attention to your health.

Eclipses weed out the weaknesses in any situation so that you can live a more productive, vibrant life.

About 20% of readers will feel the eclipse one month to a day later, so in case that is you, you should watch May 14 and May 28, plus or minus four days, for news.

Being that astrologers deal with bell curves, I can also tell you that approximately 5% of readers will have already heard news of the April eclipses a month earlier, on March 14 and March 28 (and in each case, apply the plus-or-minus-four-days rule).

The eclipse may focus you on the partner you are married to, or are attached to in a long term, established, exclusive romantic relationship.

But, if your romantic relationship is strong, the eclipse instead may focus on a serious business partner or collaborator.

In April, these are monster moons — full of difficult aspects.

So, while either of these new and full moons would have been important in their own right, the fact that these are eclipses — the nodal points of any year, where all events seem to revolve around the strong messages of the eclipses — means they have the strength of three new moons and full moons rolled into one.

In a grand fixed cross you would have the signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio involved.

Fixed signs are certain about where they stand and what they want to happen next, and therefore less flexible people — but often are quite stable and able to set up the platform of a new future.

The planets involved with this month are the heavy-duty outer planets, unpredictable Uranus, super-power Pluto, giving Jupiter, warrior planet Mars, and in the case of the April 15 eclipse, a full moon with Mars.


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