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He doesn't even have a job, completely relies on his parents for everything, has little to no social life and does not even make any attempt to try and change his situation and he is now in his early 40s!!! "The only real problem with living at home is the privacy issue. Basically, not having your own place means that "alone time" is very little, and your prospective partner will know that... If I have a job and an apartment, I expect the same in a guy I date and I appologise if this makes me sound shallow and mean.

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I want to be with someone who can take care of themselves financially, emotionally, etc.

How can someone take care of someone else if they can't even take care of themself?

I have a job, pay my own bills, and go out and do things every now and then with friends and can come back at home at anytime.

It's just I haven't been able to find a full time job to where I can make enough money to move out on my own yet and I DO want to move out on my own in the future just when I feel and know I'm ready.

OP I would instead of concentrating hard on the relationship concentrate harder on the full time employment and career.

Also another seemingly more acceptable option is to move in with have a group of 2 or 3 guy friends in similar situations..are employed and find a place with cheep rent. But do you.groceries, do your laundry, pay you cable/phone, rent..those things yep it sucks lol but its also real life and finding out you can hack it at real life with out mom and dad is an awesome feeling.kerrymh, yes I actually do buy my own groceries, do my own laundry, pay for my own car etc..only thing I don't pay for is rent.

It's one thing to live at home with your parents, not having a job, completely depending on them, and not doing anything to try and make it out on your own, and another thing to live at home with parents, but not having to depend on them for everything, having your own job, paying your own bills, and working towards making it out on your own, but making sure that you have the resources and right time to move out so that you don't crash and burn like so many people do when they feel they have to move out on their own as soon as possible like directly out of highschool.

Why does there have to be a set age limit where people should be out living on their own?

And no offense, but if you like someone and can't put aside the fact that even though they may still live with their parents, but are at least MAKING some type of effort to move out on their own later on down the road and NOT depend on them for everything, then you are not someone worth dating in my opinion.

The fact that my cousin could STILL find someone to date and later on marry while living with my grandma does give me a little bit of hope.

He did go back to college however and did get a master's degree in physics and I believe even taught physics for a little bit, but somwhere along the way he just seemed to lose his will of trying to make it on his own. If I have a job and an apartment, I expect the same in a guy I date and I appologise if this makes me sound shallow and mean.

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