Dating no nos

You can’t just take back your words and kick them out.A word of advice: don’t talk about moving in until you’ve gotten to know your partner a lot better. It shows your partner what your views are on having children.The first couple of weeks in the relationship are usually the most fun and exciting.

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Bring up money talk too early in the relationship and your partner may start to think you might be in it for the money or you want to start controlling each other’s finances.

Bring it up too late and you might end up dating someone for a year before you find out they’ve got a $100k credit card debt plus $20k in student loans.

[Read: New relationship advice for a perfect start in love] #1 Marriage. Nothing scares off a partner more than suddenly making plans for where, when and how you’ll get married.

It’s like you’re already building a wall around your partner to make sure he or she sticks around for better or for worse, in sickness or in health.

If you’ve only been dating for a few months, it may be enough to talk about your source of income *your job or if you’re receiving support* and what your financial priorities are *designer clothes, mortgage, rent, savings*.

#8 Your opinion on things that matter to him or her.

Unlike marriage, which requires some planning, moving in can be done in a matter of days.

Simply mentioning it in conversation may already make your partner feel like you’re implying that you should do it.

Is it really a good idea to trust him or her with this information?

[Read: 25 conversations that create perfectly happy relationships] #7 Money matters.

[Read: How to find out the right age for you to get married] Although a relationship really is the first step to getting married, why should you rush?

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