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It took me many years to realize that sometimes relationships don't work out and it is not a reflection of me and who I am." "It took time to realize that I am lovable, worthy, and deserve a partner that was a full match to me. In reality, I deserve a partner who is a complement to me." What has heartbreak taught you about yourself? When I think back to all the relationships that did not work out, there were red flags and gut instincts that I chose to ignore.

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Her friends encourage her to take a tour of Italy to pull her out of her deep depression.

During the trip, she impulsively decides to buy a rural Tuscan villa and remodels the home slowly.

With each of these situations, and with gracious time, I healed and arose stronger knowing that I survived this situation too.

I became stronger than I knew I could be, and the possibility of bringing myself one step closer to what I desired became exciting again." What is your favorite movie about heartbreak? It is a story of a woman, Frances, who learns that her husband is cheating on her, turning her life upside down.

This was the situation for me because I was not choosing the best partners and so outside of a relationship, they didn't have qualities that I would have in my friends and so being friends didn't work out." "When I began attracting partners who characteristically were more aligned, we were essentially friends first.

I lead with getting to know their character rather than my physical chemistry and attraction so I had a higher likelihood of staying friends with them.When I was younger, I thought that it was my job and responsibility to make others happy.If my partner wasn't happy, I believed this to mean that I was doing something wrong.One day all the stars will align I'm sure (unless you're a bad egg! In her book, she shares her experience living with the stigmatic disease and provides women with inspiration through self love and acceptance. Loanzon about grieving, red flags, and her post-breakup rituals.Truthfully, I had the thought process that if I had been sexually intimate with them (read: once they had been inside me), how could I possibly be friends with them past that???

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