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For those reasons, many consider social networking sites a more acceptable way of meeting a date.

The seeker has greater control and isn’t overtly advertising that he or she is on the market.

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Finding someone, like relationships themselves, takes work.

We cling, despite the odds, to the idea of a soul mate.

“You think consciously that this person is right, but you don’t have this chemistry going on,” said Kaiping Peng, an associate professor of psychology at UC Berkeley.

In part, it is simply acknowledging that you want a relationship—often considered a faux paus in a society that exalts self-reliance and independence.

The Online Evolution of Love Hollywood, of course, is also to blame for our romantic notions of relationships.

Their idealized notion of a fated soul mate clashes with the pragmatic approach of online dating.

There isn’t an online dating equivalent to that moment of heightened attraction when first encountering the sight, smell, and sound of a potential mate.

Reading a self-consciously written profile and looking at static photos wondering if that’s really how the other person thinks and looks, rarely has the same effect.

But while the advantages are undeniable, scouting for a lover on the web is still decidedly uncool.

When asked if he tells people that he meets women through Match, the twenty-nine-year-old from Wakefield, California summed it up succinctly: “HELL NO!

You don’t go looking for “The One”—she or he appears serendipitously.


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