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In 1972, Randolph was elected to the position of state representative for newly established single-member District 26.

After he secured the Democratic nomination over a field that included Alexandria restaurateur John Hampton "Hamp" Smith, Randolph polled 71.4 percent of the general election vote to 28.6 percent for Republican P. "Clyde" Connell, Jr., an educator unrelated to the Louisiana artist Clyde Connell.

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One of those contenders was former Mayor Carroll E.

Lanier, who finished with only 5 percent of the vote.

Fields, the black mayor of predominantly white Pineville.

On April 5, 1997, Mayor Randolph ran unsuccessfully for a vacancy on the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal, based in Lake Charles.

With two consecutive defeats, Randolph's political career seemed on the ropes.

Yet, in 1986, Randolph launched a successful political comeback.

In 1983, Randolph was unseated in the primary for reelection to the state senate by fellow Democrat William Joseph "Joe" Mc Pherson, Jr., then of Pineville, across the Red River from Alexandria and later from Woodworth in south Rapides Parish.

Mc Pherson, who was elected to the state senate again in 2007, was supported by both Congressman Long, Governor Edwin Washington Edwards, who was making a successful bid in that same election for a third term in the governor's office, and Louisiana AFL-CIO chairman Victor Bussie.

He polled 9,974 votes (28.5 percent) and finished second to fellow Democrat Elizabeth Pickett of Many in Sabine Parish, who received 15,322 votes (43.7 percent).

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