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I considerevoli profitti ricavati dalle vendite andarono all'associazione USA for Africa Foundation che li utilizzò per sopperire a gravi problemi in Africa, fra i quali una carestia che colpiva la popolazione etiope.Critiche, comunque, vennero mosse poiché si sosteneva che i ricavati andassero direttamente ai governi (spesso retti da militari), piuttosto che alla popolazione.

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Floyd adapted the story from the Apocryphal tale of Susannah and the Elders, though the latter story has a more positive ending.

The story focuses on 18-year-old Susannah Polk, an innocent girl who is targeted as a sinner in the small mountain town of New Hope Valley, in the Southern American state of Tennessee.

But his "In the Mix" column in the Weekend section ventures further afield, into books, movies, TV, the Internet, graphic novels and anything you might call "popular culture." In other words, it’s the season when holiday music becomes ubiquitous, love it or hate it.

And the not-actually-a-Christmas-song that’s far and away the seasonal duet you’re most likely to hear is still “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” that would-be cute-and-coy pas de deux written by Frank Loesser that made its Oscar-winning debut in the 1949 Esther Williams swimming movie Of course, there’s also a different kind of chill in the air this season: The bracing wind of shame felt by powerful sexual predator dudes seeing their careers destroyed after being exposed as serial workplace pants-droppers.

Susannah arrives at a church dinner that evening and is sent away, much to her confusion.

Later, as she is pondering why she has been shunned, Little Bat tells her that the elders have denounced her for bathing in the nude, and admits that he was coerced into saying she seduced him.Floyd has claimed that this opera, like his other operas, was meant to be different from a traditional opera.The music is largely characterized by Appalachian folk melodies.Written during the Mc Carthy era, Susannah is based loosely on the Apocryphal tale of Susannah and the Elders.In New Hope Valley, Tennessee, Susannah – a pretty and well-mannered young woman of humble origins – is faced with hostility from her church community.The opera opens at a square dance given by her church; a group of wives, jealous of Susannah’s beauty and the attention it brings from their husbands, are gossiping about her. Mc Lean, one of the wives, states that you can’t expect more from someone who was raised by her drunken brother.


  1. G lagi nalang, Cadd9 nabibigo G Ngunit ikaw parin, Cadd9 sigaw ng. Lagi na lang ganito Isipan ay gulonggulo Lagi na lang nabibigo Ngunit ikaw pa rin, sigaw.

  2. On 18 February 1882, 15 months after the founding of the Irish FA, Ireland made their international debut against England, losing 13–0 in a friendly played at Bloomfield in Belfast.

  3. Her music video for the song “S&M”—viewed more than 57 million times on You Tube so far—shows the artist, pig-tied and writhing, cooing “chains and whips excite me.” It then cuts to her using a whip on men and women with mouths covered in duct tape.

  4. Arkane built Prey as a spiritual sequel to System Shock, providing the player with several potential means of progressing within the game.

  5. However, there are two kinds of videos, free ones and the ones that need to be paid for.

  6. It can be awkward to run out of things to talk about on a date.

  7. It left me wondering why he even bothered texting me in the first place.

  8. Outside, a sweetly singing bird gets run over by a lawnmower. They try to stay respectful throughout the process and manage OK.

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