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Scan the headlines from that time, and a sad portrait of Gomez comes together: She was “desperate,” “angry,” “heartbroken,” “insecure” — a “girl” who just couldn’t get her shit together.

I can see why she wouldn’t be into talking to me, another nosy reporter.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been giving Jelena shippers new life recently with their casual lunch dates and bike-riding escapades.

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So, I'm pleasantly surprised when she arrives and greets me with a warm hug that lasts longer than I expect it to.

Her raven hair and impossibly long eyelashes are every bit as dazzling in person as they are in her glamorous Instagram selfies.

terms, Gomez made other major changes beyond breaking up with Disney.

She fired her longtime manager (her mom, as it happens), hired new management, and signed a recording contract with Interscope.

, starred in more than a dozen movies, and sold nearly 12 million records.

She’s famous around the world — and famously wary of reporters, because we poke around in her personal life, specifically, about her past relationship with a certain Canadian pop star and which famous friend she is supposedly feuding with.“At the same time, the public perception of me was unfair and very invasive.I was trying to figure out all my own stuff in my personal life while everybody had an opinion.” Those opinions weren’t so kind.And, along the way, she ended her relationship with Bieber.“The year wasn't just me trying to transition in my career — it was my whole life.I had to reconfigure everything,” Gomez says, sitting up tall and looking me in the eye. I didn't have anything to fall back on.” Not that she felt like she had a choice.When the video starts playing, she looks across our table a few times to peek at the screen.

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