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Albritton agreed to the full search and waited nervously outside the car. In the report, Nguyen wrote that the officers believed the crumb was crack cocaine.

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The search turned up only one other item of interest — a box of BC Powder, an over-the-counter pain reliever. The crumb from the floor was all that mattered now.

At the police academy four years earlier, Helms was taught that to make a drug arrest on the street, an officer needed to conduct an elementary chemical test, right then and there.

11 comments on the ca story from Sep 23, 2008, titled House arrest advised for Barry Oak on Nfld sex charges .

In it, ca reports that: Canadian Crime News, Atlantic: Sex Offences/Offenders Canadian Sex Offender Registry Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Sex Offender CBC News Crown and defence lawyers have recommended that a former central Newfoundland municipal politician who has confessed to sexual assault be given house arrest.

If your guilty, I personaly would see past that but of course would still wonder how or why you done this. Oake is a sick man and needs to be punished for his crime. I knew Oake and always suspected he was not who he lead people to think he was. Barry, if you see this, please know that you still have family that love you and wish the best for you & your wonderful family.

A man that was looked upon as an authority figure and respected individual took advantahe and preyed upon innocent young men by getting them drunk in many instances. Ask yourself how many lives has he messed up besides the ones the public know about? I remember his comments about the Christian brothers of mount cashel and the catholic church. If your guilty, I personaly would see past that but of course would still wonder how or why you done this. It’s what cops routinely do across the country every day while making thousands upon thousands of drug arrests.Helms popped the trunk of his patrol car, pulled out a small plastic pouch that contained a vial of pink liquid and returned to Albritton.Albritton, shouting over the sound of traffic, tried to explain that they had the wrong idea — at least about her.She had been dating Wilson for only a month; she implored him to admit that if there were drugs, they were his alone. Fear surging, she shouted that there weren’t any drugs in her car even as she insisted that she didn’t know that Wilson had brought drugs.If it were my son he molested, he wouldn't want to get house arrest. I don;t give a damn about his family..didn't either.


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