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If my 501 (c) 3 organization receives a check/donation in January 2012 (postmark is also for January 2012), but the check has a December 2011 date, is it correct that we are to record that donation as 2012 income …

even though the intent of the donor may be for the gift to be considered a 2011 donation?

Quick Books is a professional accounting software application that allows you maintain your banking account, keep track of sales data, store customer contacts and more.

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This is called “constructive receipt.” The organization is deemed to have constructively received a gift the moment the promise is made or when the money leaves the control of the donor, i.e. Back-dating a check does not prove that the gift was made in the prior year.

It is possible, however, that an envelope placed in a post office box may not be picked up for a day or two during the holidays!!

Even if you do not normally make copies of donation checks during the year, be sure to do so when you are depositing December donation checks in January.

Many organizations try to stretch the year when individual donors fail to mail their gifts before the actual end of the year.

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Loyalty: – No competition – No conflict of interest – No appropriation of business opportunities – No disclosure of confidential information The common law of agency imposes a duty of nondisclosure of confidential information that extends beyond the existence of the agency relationship regardless of whether the agent has signed a restrictive covenant-not-to-compete Liabilities and Authority of Agents a… Terminating Agent’s Authority: required in cases of termination by act of the parties. not in writing as required) Formation Offer and Acceptance I. – Offers made in an apparent moment of anger, jest, or undue stress do not meet the objective theory test.

Many others play it safe by adhering to a strict policy of dating a gift by the date of receipt.

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