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Leave aside Hindus in Lucknow, the city of the Nawabs, Muslims refused to give me a flat.

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On the whole, I was rejected by well-educated, well-earning, respected and refined people, not the naked savages we would have liked.

In an ever-urbanising India, house-hunting is an arduous task in itself regardless of identity.

The codes of discrimination and prejudice in India are unwritten and veil themselves in ambiguity.

Most often the rejections and untimely evictions are shrouded with loose excuses; shameless telling of ‘out-of-bound’ (so-called secular) areas; blatant lies about occupancy (the most common ones are repair work, sudden marriage schedules or unexpected arrival of relatives); gastronomic preferences, often duplicitous.

Welcome to my blog My blog had been temporarily suspended in 2013 by wordpress without giving any notice and reason, I shifted to my own site now, to you can follow me here at The site also crashed for two week from May 24th to June 8 2015 due to high traffic but is sorted now You can be updated here Kamayani aka kractivist Two summers ago, I found myself facing the prospect of living in a densely populated Muslim locality, a ghetto, in Uttar Pradesh’s old city of Allahabad. There were, unexpectedly, no questions about my food preferences or religion.

It was much against my will, as for about a year since moving to the land of the Sangam, I had resolutely resisted the possibility on multiple occasions. I left satisfied and expressed gratitude to my friend. “Hum Musalmano ko nahi rakhte.” Since my friend was a Hindu, my potential landlord had perhaps assumed that he would only bring a Hindu tenant and never cared to ask.

My present flat had come to me after a hard struggle, following dozens of rejections, much frustration and disgrace — to my claim, I was the sole non-Hindu in the building. His face turned pale and he looked hopelessly at his wife. In a perverse sense, we must pray for such brazen cases of intolerance to surface from time to time to remind us how deeply ingrained this malaise is.

“The codes of discrimination and prejudice in India are unwritten and veil themselves in ambiguity.

So how do we deal with situations of housing bias and discrimination on grounds of religion in general? Urban planners and legal experts have been perplexed by it.


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