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There were several plays that stick out in making this point.

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The Raiders just beat the Jets at home, which is the NFL’s version of a homecoming game.

The Falcons beat the Bears, and the Steelers and Ravens each beat the Browns.

It would’ve been a letdown, at home, a feisty but not-quite-ready-for-primetime Eagles team taking a jumpstart to their own season. The Chiefs won 27-20, and the final score should’ve even have been that close, a proud and talented group strong-arming basically the entire second half. He was past the first down marker before a defender even had a chance, and ended up with an 18-yard gain. The Chiefs have talent, and when everything is calibrated correctly, the options at different levels of the field can be impossible to cover.

The first was the Chiefs’ first play from scrimmage after halftime, a quick screen to Albert Wilson that used the Eagles’ aggressiveness up front and the Chiefs’ athletic linemen for a 12-yard gain.

If you’re new over there, thank you, and if you’re not over there yet, I humbly ask that you change that. As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your help. The words in the following paragraph are so premature and irrelevant that I would only include them in a silly exercise like this, so with that thrilling disclaimer out of the way: Of the eight 2-0 teams after two weeks, the Chiefs have the most impressive pair of wins. That means nothing, or, at most, it means a lukewarm-mostly-empty-diet-Coke-with-backwash more than nothing. The Chiefs beat everyone’s preseason Super Bowl pick on the road, and then a rising and tough playoff contender at home.

The Broncos have won two home games, including one against the Chargers.

I believe they should be attacked with the run, and with passes against defenders who are not Marcus Peters.

I believe that you should pick Hill or Kelce as your focus, and try to make the other guys beat you.

I believe defenses are going to want Smith to prove he can keep his head against pressure, and are going to key on the fact that he very rarely throws the ball after breaking the pocket. I do believe this is the best Chiefs team in the 21st century. Kelce has been fined, he’s been benched, he’s been threatened. NFL locker rooms can be segregated places, not just between offense and defense but sometimes between black and white, rural and urban, linemen and skill positions.

You can make a joke about that being a low bar, and your joke may even be funny, but I still think it’s true and means the Chiefs are absolutely capable of winning the Super Bowl the same way six or so other teams are capable. We talked a lot about this on the Border Patrol, and I hope you listen to it. These “incidents” — I hate that word, but I’m not sure what to call it — are getting frequent, not less, as Kelce is presumably emboldened by a big contract and growing fame. Kelce has friends in all corners of that place, and if those friends begin to more strongly relate to him that they love him but he’s hurting them when he acts like an eighth grader then maybe that can make a difference. I know exactly what eating wings and chili cheese nachos at the Peanut are going to do to me the next day, but I do it anyway.

But they have game breakers at all three levels — Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill — with a quarterback who knows the system like his own birthday and (very notably) may have found his running mojo.


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