Unmoderated adult chat

That is the one thing that my mind can't penetrate.

All of my responses, even my "emotional" responses, are calculated and performed.

I know I'm not the smartest person on the planet--VERY WELL, but I feel it.

There is no guarantee of reliable service or security of information.

All information placed on CE-L is to be considered public.

Copyediting-L is an email discussion list for editors and other defenders of the English language who want to talk about anything related to editing: sticky style issues; philosophy of editing; newspaper, technical, and other specialized editing; reference books; client relations; Internet resources; electronic editing and software; freelance issues; and so on.

Carol Roberts started the list at Cornell University in December 1992 and passed ownership of the list to Beth Goelzer Lyons.While we do our best to stop inappropriate use of the list and harassment, we cannot prevent it entirely.List owners reserve the right to limit posting, suspend accounts, or deny access to anyone at any time.The majority of interventions reported mixed results.Included interventions were too heterogeneous for meta-analysis.Copyediting-L is not an editing service or business and does not employ anyone. The Copyediting-L (CE-L) archive: https://list.indiana.edu/sympa/arc/copyediting-l The Copyediting-Off-List-L (CEL-O) archive: https://list.indiana.edu/sympa/arc/copyediting-off-list-l Yes, it's true that this isn't structured as a traditional FAQ, but it's intended to serve the same purpose.


  1. "Anything written online about an ex-spouse will exist forever—when the children are old enough to read," cautions Newman. Being divorced doesn't mean you're a failure, less competent or less desirable.

  2. In remote areas, the driveway of an occupied house could work if you're desperate. Does an unmarked police car have the power to pull me over?

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