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Winter steelhead predominate in coastal watersheds and return to freshwater any time from November to May, spawning shortly after their arrival in the river.There is a rich history of angling for steelhead in the Pacific Northwest dating back more than 100 years.One was Concerts West, a nationwide concert promotion company which produced tours for artists like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, John Denver and Led Zepplin, to name a few.

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Deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, dating back to the late 1800’s, Alliance Title & Escrow Corp.

became part of the Futura Corporation family of companies in the spring of 1995. is now one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest title insurance agencies.

Interests: Dan spent six years as a volunteer mock trial coach for his alma mater, Lincoln High School.

Dan is also an avid sports fan and movie buff, and is always ready to engage in a discussion on either topic.

The company owned and operated radio stations in Washington, Oregon, Kansas and Ohio.

KJR-AM Seattle, KISW-FM Seattle, KXL-AM/FM Portland, and KJRB-AM/KEZE-FM Spokane were the prominent stations in the group, which lead to other related businesses.

Summary: Dan is a litigation attorney by trade, primarily assisting individuals and small businesses with contract and employment related disputes.

Prior to that, Dan also worked with cities and counties across Oregon defending tort and constitutional claims.

We offer the newest and most diverse drill rigs and support equipment available in the region and are rapidly expanding our fleet of new drilling rigs.

Steelhead are native to the Pacific Rim from Southern California to the Aleutian Peninsula in the Eastern Pacific, and to the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Western Pacific.

Unfortunately, throughout much of their range steelhead populations have declined significantly during the last century, prompting concern for the future of our sport.


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  5. Funding is appropriated for the rebate project each year in the State Budget.

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