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Interestingly a few fragments of charcoal were also found within the cist, although there was no evidence of burning there.It was surmised that this may have been historic contamination from the area where the beaker pot had been found.

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There was a thickness of several cm of gravel above the cap stone before digging work began.

The bones inside had already been recorded and removed for analysis.

This would imply that both areas had been open at the same time and were therefore contemporary. Mary points out that they couldn’t directly link the two features during excavation, although the presumption is that they came from the same period.

In any case it seems possible that two burial practices are represented here; a crouched cist inhumation and a beaker burial.

What makes them particularly interesting is that there is some organic material adhering to the base of the pot, so we may find out something about its contents.

The shards have a distinctive decoration which may have been made on the clay before firing in a stabbing movement with something like a feather quill.

Steve showed me a few sherds of pot that had already been bagged – these had obvious decoration on them and looked to be bronze age.

The shards are of around two-thirds of a beaker pot which will probably have been around 20-30cm high.

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