spiritual speed dating uk - Invalidating session in struts

By the way currently I only use Ice Faces without any other framework like Spring/Acegi, Struts, JAAS, .... And I also changed the JSP files from the example in the link above to facelets.

invalidating session in struts-5

Standard Pipeline.invoke(Standard Pipeline.java:520) at org.apache. Standard Host Valve.invoke(Standard Host Valve.java:137) at org.apache.

Standard Valve Context.invoke Next(Standard Valve Context.java:104) at org.apache.catalina.valves.

My web application is running on Glassfish v2.1 and I'm using Ice Faces 1.8.2 with faclets.

The application server uses LDAP authetification and the Login works great.

Regards, Michael Hello everybody, I know that this thread is little bit old, but I have exactly the same problem.

And the last two days I goggled a lot about the probem whithout success.Blocking Response State.remaining Millis(Blocking Response State.java:169) at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.Blocking Response State.block(Blocking Response State.java:117) at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.Thread Pool$Control Runnable.run(Thread Pool.java:684) at Thread.run(Unknown Source) THe managed beans are all in session scope. REgards, Ravi Gonella Hi, this is a common problem lots of users are facing.When this code fires and then the user clicks on any of the links it is not asking him to login instead its getting the credentials of the previous user and carrying out the business flow. When you invalidate a session, the JSF lifecycle is broken. You might have a look at: this solves your problem.I don't understand why my session is null after it bypasses my Cache Interceptor.

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