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The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community faces mental health conditions at a rate almost 3 times higher than that of the general population.

The fear of coming out and being discriminated against for sexual orientation and gender identities, can lead to depression, post traumatic stress disorder, thoughts of suicide and substance abuse.

I'm passionate and sensual, loving and sensitive and I like to laugh, be spontaneous, take I am passionate, adventurous, unique and eccentric I love life, nature and music I am a strong woman enjoying this journey of life, I have been on my own for four years and like my own company- I am at a point in life where Well its 2018 and and here we go again - Time for an update.

If you suffer from a serious mental illness it is important you seek help from a healthcare professional If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I hope you all have the best year and get what you want need and wish for.

Am a urban girl who likes movies, exhibitions, cafes, shopping.

Like to be active but not very sporty I'm a pretty relaxed girl,love the beach but not so braves swimming in it, that big fish might get me :) I enjoy relaxing on a cold winter days in front of a toastie warm fire doing just nothing however come summer I love getting out and about Me: A bit femme, a bit tomboy, not scared of wearing a dress but mostly at home in jeans and not afraid of getting my hands dirty.

Enjoy a good Pinot noir :) and fantastic food with good company.

I think tattoos are hot on women and drunk sleazy women not.

I am me, in all my imperfections I am not a full member yet so cant reply to messages please look at the platform most of us use - Dani lewis .

HI there I am caring, passionate, ready for a new adventure, playful, full of silliness, happy and care free A bucket list - you would be like me - a bit interesting, amazingly tolerant, absolutely supportive, open minded, incredibly loyal, ......mmmmm where do I begin, love my life, love the little things, the things that make me laugh, travel, beautiful places, my seven year old daughter who explained that she 'wanted funny stories to tell her children' Hi ladies, Im 23 years old, half Croatian, I love to sing and play guitar.

Many LGBTQ individuals experience negative mental health issues due to the prejudice and other biases they face.

Research suggests that queer people are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and addiction or substance abuse. It is our hope that LGBTQ individuals find LGBTribe to be a safe outlet for them to discuss these challenges and find a sense of community online.

Well travelled I'm a smart, energetic and confident person; I admire others who are strong individuals like myself.


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  3. I'm open about all of this because it is emblematic of a bigger point: I believe everyone should be free to operate the relationship model that works for them, and which may well be different at different points in their life, as opposed to the relatively small number of relationship models society decrees is acceptable. Yes, I guess I would consider myself "sex-positive" in the sense that I'm extremely positive about sex, but I'm not a big fan of the term "sex-positive" and wish it didn't have to exist.

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