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That makes it a lot harder for a network observer to tell when a security update is being downloaded.

Additionally, using a Tor Onion Service forces the traffic over Tor, so that the Debian mirror server cannot see which server is requesting the updates. There are other benefits as well, besides just for the person running the high security server in this example, especially if all of the traffic is coming over Tor.

There is only a single Tor Onion Service for the main archive.

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A Tor Onion Service provides end-to-end encryption like the HTTPS connection.

It also mixes up the traffic with lots of other traffic, so its not easy to see what traffic goes together.

I’ve been using the `privoxy` method since that is what I got working in 2014 and it has been working reliably on multiple servers since then.

Also, I need `privoxy` installed for another application anyway.

In addition, the Plesk UI might be the only way for some Plesk administrators to control system updates.

The System Updates tool helps you in the two areas: The System Updates tool does not install updates of Plesk packages. For instructions about updating Plesk, refer to Plesk Updates.

And another way is to install an HTTP proxy like `privoxy` and enable apt HTTP proxy support as I described before.

The `apt-transport-tor` and `privoxy` approaches both have the downside of having to trust an added piece of software, whereas the transparent proxy technique uses what is already present in the Linux kernel.

Reducing the legal risks and privacy concerns makes it easier to run mirrors, and that helps internet services work better.

One disadvantage of this approach as it now stands is that your server will get updates from the same mirror every time.

Important: If any issues occur during the updating, try to resolve them by using the operating system means.


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