Dating a mexican fender stratocaster

On flipping to the Strat's bridge pickup through a nice low-powered valve combo, it's immediately noticeable that the tone seems a little more robust than we expected, which in part must be down to the new bridge block.It's never going to suit those bottom-heavy metal rhythm sounds, but it can cope comfortably with a huge range from Beatle-esque wiry jangle to ballsy alternative rock, especially with the sixth string tuned to D or below and more esoteric chord voicings employed in the case of the later.In modern common usage the term "zither" refers to three specific instruments: the concert zither (German: ), its variant the Alpine zither (both using a fretted fingerboard), and the chord zither (more recently described as a fretless zither or "guitar zither").

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Dating a mexican fender stratocaster

Despite this, Fender is keen not to rest on its laurels and instead keeps the range bang up to date and ahead of the competition.

As a result, perhaps even the gap between these instruments and the more expensive American Series is narrowing.

The Mexican Standard Stratocaster initially looks pretty much identical to its predecessor, but on close inspection there are a number of subtle, yet significant differences.

Immediately on removal of the guitar from the padded Fender gig bag - which is now included in the purchase price - the guitar's neck feels welcoming and sleek, with a thin coat of satin polyester varnish sealing the attractive one-piece white maple.

These variants all use metal strings, similar to the cittern.

The word 'zither' is derived from Latin cythara, which was used in this form for the title covers on many 16th and 17th century German printed manuscript books originally for the 'cittern' – from the Greek word kithara, an instrument used in Ancient Greece.Fender's modern 'C' neck profile is a decent palm full, with playability as a whole benefiting from fatter, flatter medium jumbo fretwire that facilitates easier bends and feels modern, while retaining enough Fender character.The ball ends of the strings are now anchored by a larger, higher mass bridge block to aid sustain and beef up the vintage-style synchronised vibrato.A maple-necked Strat will probably always sound a touch brighter than a rosewood, so it's worth A/B testing both versions before choosing.While the middle and neck pickups are not exactly oozing woody spank in quite the same way as a good vintage example or Custom Shop Time Machine, there's more than enough of the essential Stratocaster character to do the business in any of the myriad genres in which this instrument excels.Other types of zither also existed in Germany, mostly drone zithers like the scheitholt (which was mentioned by Praetorius) or hummel, but these generally have their own individual regional names and may have been in use before the introduction into the lexicon of 'cythara' and its German derivative cognate.


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