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It is unclear how da Vinci came into contact with Gherardini, but it is known that the artist’s father was a lawyer and Lisa’s husband was one of his clients.In 1503, the master painter started on a portrait of the woman who would be his most famous subject.

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As it happened, Sister Camilla would prove a poor role model for her niece, as a year later, she became involved in scandal. they touched the breasts of said nuns and fondled other parts of their bodies, not to mention other indecencies.” The accusation against Sister Camilla and another nun — in addition to two others who were supposedly “watching with rapt attention, their eyes filled with similar desire” — went to trial.

A public accusation alleged that “On 20 April 1512, four men, armed and carrying a ladder, went to the convent of San Domenico, and having climbed the wall, reached certain small windows, where two nuns were waiting for them . The men involved were found guilty, and the women were absolved.

And after his first day of eavesdropping, he was ready to learn about the birds and the bees. Within three days, Pires was the coffee shop’s manager. Virtual patrons don’t buy espressos or paninis, it transpires, and so the shop was getting by on tips - in-game currency placed into a jar as a show of support. Second Life developers Linden Lab make their money by selling regions - sims - to users, and those users sublet those regions in chunks as ‘parcels’.

Kelly was a tenant, and her coffee shop wasn’t nearly successful enough to make rent.

Sometimes he bought more slaves than he needed.” The authors note that del Giocondo “bought them regularly.” Combined with the sheer number of “converted girls” he associated with, it seems likely, they write, that “he took part in the slave trade.” The authors reel off a list of young girls del Giocondo had baptized, noting that there were simply too many of them for all to have served in his household.

At one point, he baptized three “Moorish women” from North Africa and gave them new names.

The broadcasters were, like many business and tech journalists in August 2007, incredulously reporting the sale of a patch of virtual space from one landowner to another for a huge amount of money. It wasn’t until Christmas came with a new computer from his parents that he was able to discover just how crazy.

Pires was familiar with games, but the creators of Second Life insisted it was no game at all.

With no objective and no deadlines, set loose in an active market of dedicated roleplayers, Pires anchored himself by scanning the MMO’s classifieds for a job he already knew how to do.

“I’m a real-life bartender,” he told Kelly, a virtual coffee shop owner.

Throughout his life and for generations before, del Giocondo and his family kept slave girls to serve as maids.


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  2. This movie had the promise to be a bit more than that, as DEFINITELY, MAYBE attempted and succeeded earlier this year.

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