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If you are planning on buying a property make sure you understand the process which involves a promissory contract and a trip to the notary.

Read all about ‘ is divided into three sections: coastal; the Barrocal and the hills of the Serra Serra do Caldeirão; and Monchique.

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There are many offices, which aren’t always easy to find, and lots of forms to complete.

If you aren’t well-versed in the process, it can be easy to find yourself stuck in a never-ending circle of bureaucracy.

The Algarve has become one of the hottest tourist destinations, but why would you want to move there?

Luckily, local expat Nicola Jones has put together a list of ten things to know before moving to the Algarve to help you find your way around even before you step off the plane at Faro.

There are beaches to cater for everyone’s taste, with long stretches of light sand backed by dunes, little secret coves with caves and hidden beach shacks serving barbecued sardine, and large resorts with beach parties and night clubs on the shore line.

The Algarve is once again the Portuguese region that will fly the most Blue Flags in 2017, with 88 beaches receiving the award, and all four Algarve marinas – Vilamoura, Albufeira, Portimão and Lagos – once again flying Blue Flags.

Whether you’re looking to retire to your place in the sun, or make a better life for your family and work remotely or start your own business, the Algarve is a fantastic choice.

The Algarve has many different faces, from the sleepy rural villages in the Barrocal, the Algarve hinterland; the arty, alternative Monchique; or the beautiful coastal areas in both the east and west – it’s a matter of coming to a decision about the lifestyle you want, and because there is so much choice that isn’t always easy!

Then a further decision must be made between the eastern, western and central Algarve.

The further inland you go, the quieter and more rural it is.

The beaches are supervised by lifeguards in the summer and have to help you know whether it’s safe to swim.


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