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When you are inside, be sure to have a look at the dozens of statues of Hindu gods and religious scenes that line the outer walkway of the well, some dating back a thousand years.

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I could sit in that enclosure for hours, hanging out with these energetic dogs that seem truly excited to be in this special place.

Animal Aid is a great spot to visit, either for a tour by one of the staff (which they are happy to do) or even to volunteer.

There are experiences to be had — whether fascinating or shocking or rewarding or confusing or educational or frustrating — all day long, no matter where you happen to be.

When I traveled to India for the first time back in 2001, just my first two weeks in the country involved camping at a pristine lake in a remote tribal region, hiking in the Himalayas, visiting Tibetan villages and monasteries, drinking mango lassis for the first time from a market stall in Kolkata, playing cricket with a group of Indians I met at a Hindu temple, and spending an evening with the family of a taxi driver who invited me to his home for dinner. The result of such an incredible variety and frequency of memorable experiences is exactly what has happened to me and countless other travelers: we simply can’t get enough and constantly feel the need to return over and over again for more.

With plenty to do, Udaipur is a popular place for visitors, but one activity that is not as well known is spending a day or two volunteering at Animal Aid Unlimited.

This organization acts as a “rescue center, hospital, and sanctuary for injured and ill street animals,” something that you don’t find too often in India despite the ubiquitous animals.If you visit, you’ll find cows, donkeys, dogs, pigs, goats, and other animals receiving wonderful care from a dedicated team of volunteers, veterinarians, and paid staff from the local community.I’ve visited Animal Aid four times now, and I always head to the enclosure for dogs that have been partially paralyzed.Short-term and long-term volunteers are always welcome with open arms.Well-known among locals in Udaipur, this is a chance to have a traditional Indian thali experience in a place that seldom sees any foreigners.Set in the forest, this temple is supported by over 1,400 intricately carved pillars, of which no two are the same, creating an almost eerie atmosphere as you wander through the courtyard, as if in a never-ending ancient maze.


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