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The longer I talked with him, the more I liked him.

And so far, I haven’t seen anything come in in terms of mortgage payments, who I’m sending it, where I’m going to send, sending it, and the timing on sending it. Their online application process was very transparent.

I was buying an investment home, and I got a regular 30 years investment loan from Ameri Save Mortgage. Everything was up-to-date and there were no back and forth questions.

I thought rates were lower than when I originally took out the mortgage and I thought I can do better, so I decided to get a mortgage.

I used a service wherein it puts your information out there to a lot of different providers.

As soon as I hit the Submit button, the individual from Ameri Save called me right away. I gave her the information she was looking for and she sent that out to the underwriter. The underwriter got back to me, provided some more documentation and they sent it out to someone to go through the docs and all the signatures.

The nice thing about it is I didn’t feel like it was very involved. There wasn’t a lot I had to do on my part so that certainly appealed to me. Although I didn’t spend a lot of time researching that.

I took the individual’s word for it as she seemed sincere.

I guess I could have spent more time researching whether that was in fact the lowest rate out there, but I felt like with as straightforward and easy as the process was, I wasn’t going to split hairs over a few points here and there.

I wanted to get a lower rate so I refinanced and Amerisave had the most competitive rate. Their rates are pretty good considering that the rates have picked up three times in the last three weeks. Amerisave's prompt responses helped me closed my loan. And when it was an answering machine, I got a call back within an hour. The website is clean so all the information is there. I went online and pulled up places to refinance my house, then a very nice representative of Ameri Save called me back and we went from there.

It could have been better if I refinanced maybe two years ago. Our rep, David, was very responsive and accurate and succinct with his responses. He was honest with me, told me what was going to happen, how much the mortgage was, and never lied to me about one thing.

I have done anything he asked me to do and everything has worked right out like clockwork.

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