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Tell me about your decision to start a website that you call a magazine, where people pay you to access recipes. Then came food blogs and glut of free recipes from sites like

I used to get hate mail that said, “How dare you charge? I read that you have 20,000 subscribers and 1 million visitors per month. Let’s see, 20,000 subscribers who pay = 0,000.

Readers can subscribe to the website “magazine” for 1 to 4 months, for $5 to $20, to access more than 2500 recipes. I just keep doing what I’m doing and I’m still afloat.

Or they can, and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate) about the philosophy behind her online recipe business and recipe writing: Q. When I first started (charging for recipes) there were few blogs, but people thought recipes should be free online.

“Everyone was vacuuming up my recipes and putting them on sites like, sometimes changing the headnotes, sometimes not,” she told me in an interview. It would be demeaning to me to take someone else’s recipe.

“It was irksome.” “Cookbook editors were asking if the recipes for forthcoming books would be original or could they expect to see them on other people’s websites. I felt proprietary about them, both as a chef and a writer.” So she put her recipes behind a wall, and charged for them. What if it took 5 to 10 years of distillation to produce that one amazing recipe, just for some blogger to dismantle it?

A PE wreaks havoc on the body at the vascular level and creates micro-damage we can’t even always see – not to mention what we can and do see.

In my case, my clot traveled through my veins, right lung and heart before lodging in the lobe of my lower left lung – that creates a lot of potential for damage to arterial pathways that just take time to heal.As the blood thins (for example when on a blood thinner) and travels throughout the veins, it actually hits the clot and can eventually break away enough to flow by it in some cases.The body can also accommodate for the damaged area by creating scar tissue and rerouting blood flow through or around the clot.So in answer to how long does it take to recover from a PE? Join over 3,000 members in BCRN's exclusive Facebook Group and gain personal, real-time support.One to two years, depending on your specific situation. Was your recovery shorter or longer than 1-2 years? Ask to "Join Group" and your request will be received shortly.When my DVT didn’t completely dissolve, I wasn’t left screaming or in tears wondering, “What do you mean?! ” I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg in June 2012.


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