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And lack of education is not the issue: Asian-Americans have the highest levels of education in the country where 42% of Asian-Americans have at least a college degree. Asian-American men are having a hard time securing senior-level positions of leadership.According to a Fortune 500 study, 63% of Asian-American men feel stalled in their careers, which was a higher rate than that reported by African-American, Hispanic, and Caucasian men.Stereotyped as “small” on the size spectrum, Asian-American men in the queer community are often assumed to be “bottoms,” “feminine,” and “lesser than.” Long Duk Dong managed to simultaneously perpetuate the myth that Asians all have comical mono-syllabic foreign names and remind us to think about Asian penises. , which will be based on his life growing up in Florida and listening to hip hop. In fact, when we think about the overwhelming statistics that Asians are better at math, we are usually referring to studies that compare American students to students in other Asian countries.

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(Seriously, any research based on self-reported data, well, is not real research.) Instead, I found mostly forums (“Do Asian men – because apparently, the white female body represented the “norm.” And because racism.

In the same way, black men have been equated with larger-than-average penis sizes.

Black men are seen as animalistic and sexually aberrant, and therefore must have massive penises to match.

In all situations, we assume that white people are the norm.

And this is not just a problem for heterosexual Asian-American men. Whether they intend to or not, these young Asian-American men are showing Americans that Asian-American men are just—well—typical American men.

Asian-American men are also stereotyped and seen as less masculine within the queer community. Though they do touch upon racial stereotypes once in a while, these You Tubers mostly make funny videos about current events, food, and relationships. Not all Asian-American men are nerdy or good at math either.So it’s no surprise that Asian-American men are having a hard time meeting people online!According to OK Cupid data, Asian-American men have an average rating of -7% by women; that’s compared to -2% for black men, -1% for Latino men, and a whopping 8% for white men. They matter because there are thousands of young Asian-American men struggling to belong and just live life without battling insensitive stereotypes.Some say that black women can’t code or be scientists. Every comment is perpetuating the lies that Asian-American men have small penises, are effeminate, and are nerdy.The message is clear: Asian-American men are not good enough simply because they are Asian.The “Asian” category fails to show differences in academic achievement between classes, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and economics.


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