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Next week, professors at the University of Virginia will decide whether or not they can date students. The announcement last month of the school's new proposed legislation--the most restrictive in the country--has set off a string of debates among students and faculty at the school about the fairness of such limitations and the feasibility of enforcement.

At Harvard, the written rule is clear, the unspoken more ambiguous.

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These along with the wonderful snows that the region is blessed with during the winter months makes it a very popular German vacation area.

The cultures and traditions of this area date back to the first settlers in the 13th century.

There is an older plan in Hohenhameln in northern Germany.

This plant was opened after the Steinbach family moved from the Erzgebirge region at the end of World War II.

The University officially forbids relationships between teachers and their students.

This includes students' amorous ties with professors, teaching fellows, course assistants, administrators, tutors, proctors and prefects.The area of Erzgebirge is roughly 90 miles long and 30 miles wide and its rough climate is the target of cold and bitter Russian winds.The countryside is a beautiful collection of castles and other ancient structures.The Steinbach family, world famous for its manufacturing of nutcrackers, is originally from Austria.The history of this family dates back to the 13th century.Das regionale Bildungsbüro und die Industrie- und Handelskammer Bonn/Rheinsieg(IHK) luden zu einem Speed-Dating der besonderen Art ein. Basiskompaktkurs Demenz Aktuell gibt es in Deutschland 1,6 Mio. Angehörige von Menschen mit Demenz können dieses Angebot auch alleine als Auszeit...


  1. Sociologist Dr Kevin Lewis of the University of California told the USA Today newspaper that women must be careful with online dates.

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