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This drama is the very first drama I watched after watching tons of american shows for years (I started watching korean dramas around 7 months ago) and since there are way too many shows thats ending/was cancelled last year, I switched to watching korean dramas.

I honestly am very picky in the shows and dramas I watch. As for the number of twists in this drama, I think it's pretty normal. I honestly think that this drama deserves much more.

This drama has a lot of positive traits: lee jong suk, the concept, the filmography, the ost, the potential, but eventually it unfolds into a mess without logic (after kang chul loses his memory).

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This drama is the best drama I've ever seen in my life.

Among the hundreds of dramas I've seen, none of them have managed to beat this one.

Good stuff throughout-Han Hyo Joo is sensational here and the performance she has delivered here is so nuanced and beautiful, I can keep watching the series for her scenes alone. I found the latter half of the show angst filled but very strong emotionally. Even the OST esp the instrumental themes are superb. One another thing that makes this drama is great is that this drama equate the female lead and male lead's position, no one is more shined towards other or the focus is about them not one of them. Such as: Do the readers understood the storyline after all what happened? It makes you ask questions (as well as dream of the perfectly characterised Kang Chul... Or doing anything in general.) I tried to stay away from it, since I am not usually an avid fan of supernatural of fictional series, but I sincerely regret that now. There will be so many new variables that can add in the new sequel if they make it.. The chemistry between both main lead is just wonderful. Looking at the start i expected a lot bt not satisfied.

The ambition aimed by this show should be a benchmark even for top notch filmmakers. I have given a review before, but I would like to do it properly now. The story is original and it has a great storyline. Sometimes it is Oh Yeon Joo episode (it means Oh Yeon Joo is the main focus of the episode) sometimes it is Kang Chul episode and sometimes it is their episode (like episode 7). I mean the genre of the webtoon turned from heroic action to fantasy, but in the end the explaination implied that they understood it. believe me: there's nothing more spectacular and addictive than Lee Jong-Suk smiling. Best actors, best chemistry, an amazingly well written script that accompanies a plot that will keep you on your toes for the whole time, as well as the overall great directing will certainly make you a fan of W right from episode 1. But still as usual lee jong suk did a great job and he looked smart. Well I see you did not get that the the scene that the henchman killed the bad guy thing was the plot that Soo Bong was telling Yeon Joo on the phone that her dad and he are planing for the final...

@didi and some other who watch have problems with this memory loss thing and that turn of plot..it is not a messed up thing I can gurantee by any measurement.show was already going to that point where...

Kang Chul and Yeon Joo are the story tellers of W at the background and therefore W should be the story they make together..for Kang Chul memory loss thing..? the plot is brilliant and the chemistry of the lead characters is superb! Big thanks to the production team and the actors who made this possible!

It's going to be hard to beat There's only one part of the story that didn't flow well and seem like it was forgotten by the writer too, as most of the storyline was explained except that scene.

It was the scene where the killer was killed by the politician's henchmen with the fake will in the killer's hand.

And since killer died, the webtoon's creator got back his face and spent the next few days getting acquainted with Kang Chul (do note that in between that, OYJ was supposed to meet KC for a coffee date or something, but that didn't happen because their outfits were changed a few times that indicated different days or moments up till her black outfit when her father woke up with his face back) But the few scenes after got me totally confused, because daughter went back home, went to the room that she locked her dad in, found it unlocked, dad's face is gone again and nothing was ever mentioned about the past few days the father spent after recovering his face.

I kept waiting for the show to explain about this removal of all the scenes that were forgotten by everyone but the audience, but none was provided, just that the killer is back and even that was done badly.

It's a romance that's not too cheesy but still manages to make your heart flutter.

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