A christian response to radiometric dating

1), this was the Precambrian, well before there was supposed to be any multi-cellular life on Earth—only bacteria and algae.It is certainly long, before there were supposed to be any plants on Earth capable of producing spores or pollen.).[v] Pollen, and many other fossils dramatically ‘out of place’ in relation to evolution’s supposed ‘timeline’, present a major problem to defenders of Darwin’s ideas.

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However, describing the distribution of fossils in time is completely different—it is natural history. Reconstructing said history involves more than just what we directly observe in the rocks.

Natural history is also bound up with the starting assumptions (or axioms) one brings to the investigation.

This occurs when fossils pronounced ‘ancestral’ based on morphology are thought to be much older than the evolutionary fossil dating indicates. v=Xfu BREMXxts ) Usually, a ghost lineage is assumed to have undergone ‘evolutionary stasis’ during the period for which there is no fossil evidence for its existence.

The colored items are the animals we know about, the uncolored ones are the ghosts filled it to make the leap from one to another. But evolutionary stasis is itself a vacuous oxymoron seemingly designed just to keep people thinking that evolution explains all change, including no change.[ix] Sometimes, however, some gaps are so large that filling it with one species is not enough.

Its peak, some 9,219 ft above sea level, is in Venezuela.[i] In the 1940s and 1950s, the discovery of fossils outside the accepted evolutionary position in biostratigraphy was usually honestly reported and discussed.

In the following years, examples that could not be explained were simply ignored, never being mentioned again.

This is not in and of itself a problem, but one needs to look at the evidential validity of the auxiliary hypotheses to see if the core theory can survive the claim of contradiction.

Ghost lineages (that is, lack of fossil evidence for lineages that evolutionists believe existed) are usually explained as resulting from the fluctuation of fossilization and evolutionary stasis.

Given the species longevity values calculated by Dodson (1990) it is clear that there must be considerable species diversity masked by the ghost lineage leading to , perhaps much more than the known diversity of the entire hypsilophodontid clade as presently recognized [emphasis added]!

”[xi] It has long been clear that the evolutionary/long-age framework of understanding is a powerful philosophical paradigm that resists falsification.

They are used to explain evidence that at first glance appears contradictory to the core theory.


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