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we have created an international qq group for people all over the world who are interested in culture/language/business exchange or anything funny in general you'd like to talk about.

right now we have members from many different countries such as USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Ukraine, Italy,danmark,india etc So,if you're the one who is willing to know more nic friends worldwide. hi...everyone, i come from indonesia, i speak indonesian and i am learning chinese, someone who speaks chinese i do need your help to improve my chinese.

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it doesnt matter whats your chinese level, we can start learning from the very begining, we also can talk about curture, life, funny stuff... Anyone wants to learn chinese, feel free to contact me, we can chat and make friends, im 28 boy in xi'an, friendly and love traveling.

it doesnt matter whats your chinese level, we can start learning from the very begining, we also can talk about curture, life, funny stuff..skype:sealovre Hi my People how you doing?

Much later, I switched over to the more delicate pronunciation for shows and speaking engagements.

But the devil-may-care in me doesn't feel like padding around on eggshells anymore, so now I let the old-style Uranus fly.

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Now that it's well-placed for viewing at a convenient hour, why not pay this pale blue dot a visit the next clear night?

Like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, Uranus gets no respect.

Dont hesitate to join us in Global fun fun fun group The group Number:289098407 See you around! I am a native chinese mandarin speaker and also speak a little English. The only way you need to pay me is to teach me english at the same time. but if you are not chinese speaker, it' s ok, i would like to make a new friend with everyone.


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