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The Ministry of Justice said it was 'a bit late in the day' to be asked to comment when Mail Online called them at pm.Taxpayers are funding child benefit for more than 50,000 children of migrant workers - even though the youngsters still live in their home countries.But he was never given his bank card and his name was used in a benefit fraud.

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Treasury figures show that Poles make up the vast majority of the payments made under a loophole in EU legislation.

Benefits are paid to 37,941 children in the former Eastern Bloc country, who have one or both parents working in the UK.

In one of the bedrooms, decked out with two lavish floral displays, the word 'Versace' is stencilled in large writing above the bed.

In another bedroom the walls are adorned with gaudy leopard print wallpaper, while the mantelpiece is crammed with silver ornaments, beneath a huge flat screen TV.

JANUARY 8, 2016: The defendants due to appear at the same court for a plea and case management hearing.

JANUARY 11, 2016: Trio appeared at crown court again, when the case was adjourned to April 22, 2016 for a plea and directions hearing. JUNE 2017: Trial for fraud and forced labour starts at Nottingham Crown Court.During the trial the jury were told one of the victims was a Polish man brought to the UK under the illusion of a £260-a-week wage and accommodation.The man was sent to work at Sports Direct and the wages were paid into a bank account set up by the trio.Krystian is believed to have travelled to Belfast via ferry on June 12 this year.Nottinghamshire Police has now released footage of the inside of a home owned by Bozena in Aspley, Nottingham.JUNE 12, 2017: Krystian is believed to have travelled to Belfast via ferry.

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