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Where he once took pride in the fact that people looked to him for support, he began to feel overwhelmed and useless.

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Morrison has been the only physician in his small community of 1,500 people for about 15 years and is known as the “Town Doc.” When he first moved to town, he quickly became friends with many people and involved in the community.

However, the longer he practiced, the more awkward his social life became.

He helped coach the baseball team for several years.

But then he treated one of the boys on the team for chlamydia and the boy stopped coming to practice. Morrison didn’t sign up to coach the following year.

A patient in your rural community that you have treated for COPD for several years missed her last two appointments.

When you speak with her after church, she indicated her husband lost his job as a logger and no longer has family health insurance to cover the cost of the treatments.

One of the first cases you are involved with hits a little close to home.

It involves a 2-year old patient named Kira who has a congenital cardiac abnormality.

She said that when she has tried to talk with her mother, her mom just, “got weird—talking about babies having babies, and nobody having morals any more.” She says her mother would be very upset if she knew Sally was talking about it, and asks that this information not get back to her parents.

A family physician in a small, remote community assesses a patient, who is a local schoolteacher, as developing a post-partum psychosis.

She refuses to accept charity but does indicate she will be willing to clean your home and office as “payment” for your healthcare services.


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