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Ritalin's ability to increase energy and focus has even led some people to refer to it as the "poor man's cocaine." There have been reports of people using ADHD stimulants that weren't prescribed for them.

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People with ADHD tend to be more impulsive and likely to have behavior problems, both of which can contribute to drug and alcohol abuse, researchers say.

Also, both ADHD and alcoholism tend to run in families.

Long-term use of all stimulants can sometimes lead to a phenomenon called tolerance -- that is, higher doses are needed to achieve the same effect of a controlled substance.

If and when this happens, a doctor may then be more likely to consider using nonstimulant medicines to treat ADHD.

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Any question you’ve had about how to approach dating is about to get answered by this one-stop, all-you-need-to-know, ultimate online and app dating guide.One researcher found that Ritalin takes about an hour to raise dopamine levels in the brain, compared to only seconds with inhaled cocaine.The doses of Ritalin and other stimulants used to treat ADHD tend to be lower and longer-acting, which reduces the risk of addiction.One of the factors that leads to addiction and drug abuse is how quickly a drug raises dopamine levels.The faster dopamine levels go up, the greater the potential for abuse.Dopamine also affects emotion and the feeling of pleasure, creating a "high" that makes people want more.


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