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Galen: We used to do it along the lines of our tech stack, like a mobile group, a data group, but that was inhibiting focus, so we reorganized.

Simon: I should also mention we have two other offices with engineering teams. F., another is in Mendoza, Argentina, where we acquired a company two years ago, and we have a small but growing group in Nashville.

We had been watching a usability test and that event came up, and we sat there going, “You can tour the sewage of the city? ”Galen: It’s also our job to interact with customers.

I think it’s a noble thing to build tools to help them do that.

A lot of engineering teams are solving problems that only happen in the digital world, but you guys are building something that brings people together in the real world. Galen: Our work with Maker Faire is a great example of this.

So we maintain a very responsible engineering environment to ensure we won’t break things for our organizers.

Allison: We have some fascinating problems within discovery and recommendations. How can we extrapolate out to show you other events you might enjoy? There’s a lot of machine learning and human connection needed to figure those problems out.

We’ve found that when our customers are successful, we’re successful.

There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who make a living through Eventbrite.A few months ago I was visiting our Nashville office and we went out for dinner.Coincidentally, there was a speed dating event organized with Eventbrite happening at the restaurant that night.I love you guys.”Allison: I remember I called my parents when I got a job here, and I was expecting them to know nothing about Eventbrite.Because, you know, nobody outside the Bay Area can keep track of all the startups.We helped check in attendees, tested some of our newer technology, including an RFID solution, and just hung out with the event organizers.


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