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You’ll probably phone him or her after midnight and only when you’re bored.

And you’ll hopefully enjoy yourself thoroughly once that call is made.

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I’ll be honest with you, I’ve only had sex with one man and I’ve been married to him for the last eight and a half years.

Now, before your head explodes and you start yelling that I can’t possibly write about sex since my experience is limited allow me to point out that the eight and half years I’ve been married were basically the whole of my 20’s.

She is not “unaware of what goes on with kids these days” just because she happened to get married when some of us were still blacking out off vodka sodas.

She is as modern a woman as women currently come, and that’s exactly why her opinion on this issue is so important.

Here’s her blog – My Chic Life, which you should be reading every day.

She does not live in some small town in Arkansas (no offense Arkansas) where the sexual norms are stuck in the 1950’s.Very few of the options even seem enjoyable or fun, and if nothing else, shouldn’t sex at least be that?This list makes it sound like an impulse purchase, like, “Girl, we’ve all made these same bad choices, no big deal.” But we ALL haven’t made those same choices and some of us think sex IS a big deal.It gave me something to be really proud of as a woman. Have you wanted to participate in Twitter chats, but aren’t sure how? I find it to be a great medium, especially for disability activism.I’ve had it fast and slow, in multiple ways, even on multiple continents.


  1. Ok Cupid isn't the best choice for people who are looking to get into a long-term relationship; the vast majority of users are under 30 and not necessarily looking for anything serious.

  2. Kane, who started out as a gag artist, loved the concept and encouraged its production.

  3. To unlock features like incognito mode, read receipts, and a larger inbox, you can upgrade to a paid plan for per month, but we think the free version is more than enough to get started.

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  5. The door opened again and another officer came in, sat down behind me. Doctor Abdullah the evil vizier-midget piped up: “You said that the Hindus are good and the Muslims are bad!

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