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They have seen 120 kgm (867 lb/ft) on one dyno but then error messages followed as the system maxed out.

They are left with no choice but to finalize and fine tune the mapping on the street.

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…as it was all removed and thrown in the trash when the chassis was sent to Saito Roll Cage prior to the build actually starting.

There it received a multi-point cage created to not only boost torsional rigidity, but also offer high levels of safety if the worst was to happen.

More custom piping followed, this time aluminum that would plumb the whole intake system to the… To allow this to fit the front section of the chassis and radiator mounts had to be cut away, a custom subframe fabricated up and bolted in place at the same time as the chassis was prepped prior to the build.

…and directed into the engine by the Trust larger capacity intake manifold.

The event is being organized by Option Magazine who has also invited tuners like Phoenix’s Power and Top Secret to join with their fastest R35 GT-Rs.

These, much the Roberuta air-cups that a lot of people use in Japan, feature a regular adjustable coilover damper layout with a top-mounted air bag to allow the car to be lifted and dropped by a couple of inches.As Ueta tells us it was all a big, three-month long headache, but thankfully they had the masterminds at Trust to lend a helping hand.After creating the custom engine and transmission mounts to hold up and position both the VR38 and the Hollinger sequential transmission in place……in a top mounted layout, right next to the two banks of the engine.The external Trust wastegates are right under each TD06, within easy reach if the spring needs to be changed.The wheels of choice for this project are satin black Enkei RS05RRs, measuring a massive 11J across at each corner, 18-inches in diameter.


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