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“We want you to get our attention, not our delete button. It’s not all about flowery prose and impressing us.

“That doesn’t mean I once saw a man from Nantucket funny”, she adds, “but a high-spirited, laugh-at-yourself sense of humor that shows women you don’t take yourself too seriously.

No woman wants to date a wet blanket,” Murray says.

This wasn’t the case for single mothers who found it much tougher to find love in historically superficial cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, and New York City.

Similar to single mothers, single dads prefer a nice restaurant date over a coffee, movie, or dive bar date, according to over 5,000 responses from online daters.

Men without kids are 29% more likely to prefer a movie date than a single dad and 13% more likely to head to a dive bar for a date.

Dating for the single dad is Hell,“ akin to root canal sans Novocain or having the satellite go out during the 4th quarter of Super Bowl, with the Patriots on the five-yard line and down by six. Today, men have to use their own version of the crude club – – a computer keyboard“ to convince desirable women they like nothing better on Sunday afternoons than to skip the NFL playoffs and make a nice brisket with their little lamb chop, instead. Most online dating sites don’t ask you to you use your real name, especially your surname, but they do ask for a tag, or nickname instead.

In May, we examined the online dating and social lives of single mothers; we thought it was only fair that we look at similar behaviors for single dads.

Examining nearly 85,000 profiles on First, we found most single fathers reside in Wyoming and Maine (also hot-spots for singles moms)!

Cities all over the country also embraced single fathers, especially San Antonio, which boasted the highest response rates for dads.


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  2. Whether it’s on a lunchbreak, waiting for the train or just relaxing in bed, your phone is always at hand – so why not check on your dating profile?

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