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Until the Season 1 finale, she was thought to be the biological daughter of Donald Jacob before realizing he was her step-father.She is the maternal half-sister of Jude Adams Foster and paternal half-sister of Sophia Quinn.At the age of ten, her mother and step-father went out one night when her step-father became drunk and caused a car accident - killing her mother as a result.

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While at a foster father's home, Jude tried on a dress owned by the man's ex-wife.

Their foster father walked in on him wearing it and began to violently beat him.

Her fashion sense is very casual and comfortable; usually wearing jeans with t-shirts of various colors and casual shoes.

She usually only makes an effort into dressing and fixing herself up for special occasions.

Look, I don't mean to bug you, but the cute little number that came in with me...

the two of us have kind of had this will-they-won't-they burgeoning office romance going; I'm really trying to impress her so could you help me out a little bit?After a fight with the legal system, Callie is officially adopted by the Adams-Foster family in Lucky.Callie is a beautiful girl with an oval shaped face, light-olive complexion, almond shaped brown eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair.This also forced her to become a motherly figure to Jude.As a result, Callie was often determined to shield him from any harm even if at the cost of her own personal safety.After hearing about her mother's death, Callie suffered a mental break down, completely destroying her bedroom, which she blocked out from her memory.

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