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Work only resumed at the end of the 16th century, so that the wing facing the Botermarkt is in Renaissance style as is the Throne Room on the upper floor.

Dating site vrije

Built over a long period of time, Ghent's magnificent town hall combines a variety of architectural styles.

On the oldest parts of the building on the Hoogpoort, completed in the style of Bruges City Hall in 1482 and containing the council chambers, the architects Rombout Keldermans and Dominic de Waghemakere built a new wing in the finest late Gothic form, richly decorated with statues.

In the 14th-century, it ceased to have a military function and was used by the counts for administration of the land.

In 1800, it came into private ownership and was converted into a cotton mill and flats for the workers.

The building originated in 1406-1410 and was restored in 1912.

At the south end of the Vleeshuis is the Penshuizeken (entrails cottage) where the poor were given the entrails of slaughtered animals.Charles V gave the cathedral its present name after he destroyed the old one to build a fortress.The High Gothic cathedral choir dates from the 13th century, while the late Gothic tower and the main nave were built during the 15th and 16th centuries.Only one of the originals of these survives and can be seen on the ground floor.The splendid Cloth Hall directly adjoins the belfry.These houses were founded by well-off families for the needy.


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