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It involves some of the most respected and powerful and richest businessmen in this country - and the centerpiece of the entire web is the use of children for sex, drug dealing, drug couriers, and the compromising of politicians and businessmen in this United States of America.

This is the same orphanage idyllically featured in the 1938 film classic “Boys Town,” starring Mickey Rooney as the angry, rebellious juvenile reformed by the spiritual wisdom and righteousness bestowed on him by Boys Town founder Father Flanagan, played by Spencer Tracy in a saintly Oscar winning performance.

Another common example typically encountered abroad is an orphaned eldest child facing the burdensome responsibility of taking care of younger siblings where few options exist amidst hordes of adult Western male predators hungrily on the prowl for sex with children, especially in pedo-sex tourism havens like Thailand, Philippines, other Asian countries and impoverished Third World nations around the globe.

Unfortunately to this very day, law enforcement mistreats trafficked child victims of sexual slavery (“trafficked” meaning forced without consent) as criminals and so called child prostitutes, and even worse is still in the business of incarcerating child victims for extended periods.

Thus, too frequently police only further tack on yet more abuse and both they and the media are still rampantly guilty of causing added damage and suffering by using words that cruelly mislabel victims as criminals.

The most thoroughly documented evidence proving America’s global pedophilia network operating at the highest levels of the US government is the infamous Franklin scandal, uncovered in a June 29, 1989 mainstream newspaper article by the Washington Times, After it was listed in the TV Guide for a 10PM viewing, it was abruptly cancelled and all copies of the Yorkshire Television video were suddenly bought up with a half million dollar production company payoff.

Had it not been for a single rough-cut copy anonymously sent to attorney John De Camp a year after all videos were supposedly destroyed, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be would’ve successfully blacked out this explosive documentary from ever being seen by anyone.

Never before have we the citizens of the world ever possessed such great opportunity and power to rid the planet of the monsters who’ve singlehandedly hijacked and arrested the very evolution of our human species.

Focusing on the basic historical facts behind the Franklin scandal as perversely tragic as they are, Chapter 13 will serve as the classic eye-opener to understanding the anatomy of the US child sex trafficking network and pedophilia in high places’ prototypical cover-up.At 46 million and counting, both human slavery and child sex slavery today shamefully stand at an all-time high in the history of Homo sapiens walking this earth.Likewise, the pedophilia Empire has never been more gargantuan a beast and a metastasized worldwide epidemic than it is at this very moment.Even a 17-year old minor who “by choice” engages in sex for money is a victim, especially when economic and cultural factors so often present are considered.Young homeless runaways on the streets who are hungry for their next meal may feel forced to use their body as their only way to survive.It’s been operating unimpeded and growing for nearly four straight decades now, but only recently has it been unveiled like never before.


  1. In Prey, the player controls Morgan Yu while exploring the space station Talos I, in orbit around Earth–Moon L, where research into a hostile alien collective called the Typhon is performed.

  2. If we started off this post with a list of predator features that included four-inch claws capable of disemboweling an adult human, you'd probably assume we were referring to the big cat in this battle. Centro Novo do Maranhão, this crazy bit of footage shows that when it comes to taking on giant anteaters, even jaguars proceed with caution.

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