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A few major credit card issuers have online pre-qualification that allow you see if there's a credit card available for your credit profile.These pre-qualifications are typically soft credit checks – meaning they won’t hurt your credit score or show up on your credit report when someone else checks your report.Think carefully before you get a credit card with someone else.

However, you won't have a credit score until you have at least one active account on your credit report for six months.

Some credit card issuers realize that people have trouble getting a credit card for the first time and they've made credit cards specifically for people with no credit.

You won't be able to use the credit card outside that particular store, but it will give you a chance to jump start your credit history.

Beware: retail store credit cards have low credit limits and high interest rates.

Choose these credit cards ahead of time, so you’re not desperately searching for a credit card that will approve you.

Watch out for any credit card that guarantees approval without first checking your credit score.

You could get someone with a job and good credit to apply with you, but be aware that getting a credit card with a cosigner has drawbacks.

You have another person involved with your finances, watching your purchases, and making sure you pay the credit card.

Keep your balance low and pay off your balance to avoid paying a lot of interest.

Secured credit cards are the go-to cards for people who can’t get approved for a traditional credit card.

People with no credit often have the most difficult time getting approved for a credit card.


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