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It is the book that in a very real way America has been waiting for.

It is Everyman s Mac Arthur, the full-length story of the boy, the man, the General, FRAZIER HUNT S friendship with Doug las Mac Arthur began on the battlefields of Franqe during World War I.

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Toward evening the little world about the lonely post of Fort Wingate became afire with color.

The boom of the sunset $ gun rolled across the parade ground after the clear notes of the bugle sounding retreat.

OTHER BOOKS BY FRAZIER HUNT Blown in By the Draft The Rising Temper of the East Sycamore Bend Ouster: The Last of the Cavaliers Bachelor Prince This Bewildered World One American Little Doc The Long Trail from Texas Mac Arthur and the War Against Japan Cap Mossman: Last of the Great Cowjnen IN COLLABORATION WITH ROBERT HUNT / Fought with Glister Horses and Heroes THE UNTOLD STORY OF DOUGLAS Mac ARTHUR FRAZIER HUNT THE DEVIN-ADAIR COMPANY NEW YORK 1954 Copyright 1954 by Frazier Hunt, All rights reserved.

No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form, except by a reviewer who may quote brief portions in a review, with written permission of the publisher, The Devin-Adair Company, 23 East 26th Street, New York 10, N. Canadian agents: Thomas Nelson Be Sons, Limited, Toronto Manufactured in the United States of America by American Book-Stratford Press, Inc., New York Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 54-10811 First printing, October 1954 Second printing, October 1954 Third printing, November 1954 Fourth printing, December "Great minds are like eagles, and build their nests in lofty solitude." SCHOPENHAUER 6 1 1 O 4 3 3 To Arthur Mac Arthur a fine young American CONTENTS PART ONE THE MAKING OF THE SOLDIER, 1880-1930 1 Army Brat 3 2 The Long Gray Line 18 3 "The Power That Rules the Pacific . ." 34 4 A Wild Night in Vera Cruz 48 5 Rainbow Over France 60 6 The End of the Rainbow 84 7 Back to West Point 98 8 Return to the Philippines 112 PART TWO THE FIGHT FOR PREPAREDNESS, 1930-1941 9 The First Battle 133 10 The First Penalty for Opposition 153 11 The Long Years of Exile 1^9 12 The Race Against Time 209 13 "7 Shall Return! 516 Index 2 MAPS Where American troops saw service in France in 19*7-1918 65 Where the 42nd (Rainbow) Division fought in 1918 81 The fighting on Luzon and the side-slip into Bataan 231 Corregidor Island 241 The defense lines on Bataan 247 Outline of the continental United States superimposed on the area of the early counteroffensive in the Southwest Pacific theatre 274 Mac Arthur s Southwest Pacific theatre 279 Importance of the Japanese stronghold of Rabaul 283 How the Japs tried to double-envelope Port Moresby in New Guinea 289 Mac Arthur prepares to take the offensive in New Guinea 29$ The offensive in the Solomon and Bismarck seas 305 The great "bear hug" that won the strategic seas 527 x The vital naval battle that saved Leyte Gulf 346 The key battle lines of the Korean war 455 PART ONE The Making of the Soldier 1880-1930 ARMY BRAT Douglas could never recall any but the vaguest memories of the years at Fort Wingate, the lonely little frontier post in the Territory of New Mexico, close to the Arizona line.

It is the story also of that broad seg ment of American history which Doug las Mac Arthur personally did so much to write.

There never has been a book quite like this with its power and sweep and fierce passion for the truth.It was almost as if he could remember far back beyond even his birth: remember Abraham Lincoln, the charge up Mission Ridge, the high mountains of the North West, the mule trains and dusty troopers, marching infantrymen and bearded scouts and the pungent smell of sweaty cavalry horses, the echoes of sunset guns and bugles sounding all the day through from re veille to taps.On a May day in 1862, when Douglas father, Arthur Mac- Arthur, was about to turn 17, he had journeyed the long way from Milwaukee to Washington, with a letter of introduction from the Wisconsin governor to Abraham Lincoln.There was no coddling of army wives and army brats in those hard-bitten days.They all shared the hard ships, the lonely years and eternal fears with the men in their dusty blue uniforms. is hosted in on a server with an IP address of 89.1.


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