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We are a fund with no defined lifetime, investing approx.€30 million in 7–10 early stage technologies and in later development phases, along with other investors.Having Sky Pirate as a secondary class for a Ninja and equipping two Reverie Shields, the Azure Tear and Ninja Gear will bring Vaan's Evasion to 80, and Razors Edge will bring it up to 100, dodging all damaging attacks 99% of the time.

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Salvage can be combined with Ranger's any kinds of trap to gain infinite loot.

Air pirates, also known as sky pirates, are a type of stock character from science fiction and fantasy.

As we are specialized in one disease, we bring in-depth knowledge and an international network to the table.

The Fund was initiated by 3 Dutch ALS patients and founded with the assistance of a top-5 VC firm (Life Sciences Partners) with offices in Amsterdam, Munich and Boston.

For pure network uses, Open Wrt/*BSD/m0n0wall seem like nice choices.

In overall: It’s been running for the past months and it’s updating my dyndns domain, waking me up with pycwc, wakes up other computers on demand with Wake On Lan (hibernating), and is increasingly becoming more and more useful for daily needs.

Some time ago i was searching for a tiny fanless computer to use as an ecological, always-on server to run services on.

Computer-based services are increasingly conquering our homes and workplaces, and it makes sense to me that new devices have to appear to make computers less obtrusive in everyday life (noise, heat dissipation, high power consumption, mechanical breakdowns, …) for 24/7 operation.

We seek collaboration with internationally renowned ALS related academia, patients organizations, professors and biotech/pharma professionals.

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