Dating a bear kodiak recurve bow

Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Grizzly Static Recurve, Double Shelf, RH & LH Shelf Cut Into Riser, Wedge Sight Window, 621954 Red/Orange Glass, Wood Brush Nocks on Belly, Decals1955 Black Glass, 4" Wood Tip Laminations on Belly, Decals1956 Black Glass, 4" Wood Tip Laminations on Belly, Silk Screens1957 Black Glass, Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Grizzly 1958-1963, Working Recurve, Single Shelf, 62"1958 Gray Glass, Wedge Sight Window1959 Carmel Glass Belly, Pea Green Back, 2 Light Chevrons in Sight Window1960 Carmel Glass Belly, Pea Green Back, 1 Light Chevron in Sight Window1961 Camo Painted (spray or leaf pattern)1962 White Glass 1963 Aqua Glass, Angled Dogleg Riser1963 Aqua Glass, Angled Dogleg Riser1963 Aqua Glass, Curved Dogleg Riser Grizzly, Working Recurve 1964 19691964 Brown Glass, Solid Zebrawood Riser1965 Brown Glass, Solid Zebrawood Riser, 5P1966 Gray Glass, Solid Bubinga Riser, 6P1967 Gray Glass, Solid Bubinga Riser, 7R (not shown in image below)1967.5 Brown Glass, Solid Bubinga Riser, 7R1968 Brown Glass, Solid Tigerwood Riser, 8R (duplicates shown in image below)1969 Forest Green Glass, Solid Shedua Riser, 9RSorry to post a poor quality image, could not get flash to work & could not find the blue background cloth... Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Bjorn - Mistake on the list, just edited... The 1950 & 51 Kodiak has light wood over the Alum Lam and believe I have seen the light wood over the alum lam only on one Grizzly, did not mean to add that one to the list as it is the exception not the rule for the Grizzly.Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Kenny - For Kodiaks and Kodiak Special tips there is usually marcarta on 1959s and glass on 1960s.But there is a star on the serial number on my '63, so I am assuming it was sent to the factory for reconditioning and they put on the current year grip just as Wade guessed about your '61.

dating a bear kodiak recurve bow-86

Below - The earliest known specification decal on a 1949 Grizzly designates the LBS (draw weight) and NO. 104, in the johnnyrazorhead collection as shown in the image below Below - The second, and not as rare, early 1949 Grizzly specification decal designates the bows PULL (draw weight), LENGTH, and NO. This smaller 1/2 x 3/4 rectangular water transfer, specification decal was first used on the pre-Grizzly Bear bows, in 1948, known to collectors as Transition Bows, and then was later used on perhaps 2,000 or more of the 1949 Grizzly bows as shown below.

Later 1949 & beyond Grizzly bows had the draw weight and serial number inscribed below the leather grip.

While the tip material can be easily changed or replaced, the wood in the risers can not be changed or replaced...

Posted by Timberline X (Member # 20882) on : Ive one Bear Grizzly to show and four questions.

This particular Grizzly is 62 inches, 53 pounds and is factory camoed. Because it is factory camoed, I assume that its a 1961 model.

However, its grip is black leather, which is different from the tan leather shown on the Grizzly in my 1961 Bear catalog.

This is an incomplete list of the bows that we have in stock. Click here to see the most up to date inventory, listed in order by when they were added to the website.

Full descriptions and additional pictures can be seen by clicking on the "Click to Buy" link.

At Grayling in 1997, I was offered (but turned down) a bow with the same black textured leather grip, which looked factory original.

If I remember correctly the bow was a 1961 Kodiak Factory Camo.

Posted by 4runr (Member # 8051) on : Bill, I also have a '61 that had the same camo as your's.


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