Online dating women too picky

There are lots of fraudulent fake profiles on these sites.

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Internet dating is not for the faint of heart, or the low in self esteem. It is easier to ask a women for her number and actually get it than it is to even get a response on these internet dating sites.

Hell, even women with boyfriends will give you their numbers.

Actually it's just the opposite, why would you lower your standards because you're dating online?

If anything, you'd be more specific about what you're looking for, especially if you're paying a membership fee. This is like a spin-off of the "why do women prefer tall men" thread. Becase while 5'8 is one inch taller than me in my barefeet, I would absolutely (and any other average height women) tower over you if she got dressed up in a sexy pair of heels for a date I don't care how hard it is to find a decent guy out there, I won't lower my standards as a result, and if you're waiting for the girl that will, then how much stake are you putting in yourself?

I have never known 99 percent of women in real life to only date men who are at least six feet tall.

I can see what he is saying, many males complain about what he is talking about in regards to online dating.

Also i have noticed that many of the profiles are poorly written or very demanding, Many of them having things like "Don't even bother messaging me if..." or "I don't care if you.....".

I guess i am just trying to figure out how things work on this site, The more i know the more success i can probably have."I have had a good success rate with girls in real life, some that i would consider very attractive, However it seems that the expectations of girls on this site are on a whole different level, I would like to assume that a good amount of the girls that have ignored me on this site probably wouldn't if i approached them in real life."Assuming that's TRUE, (which I don't) it begs the question why would you waste ANY time being here? Settle down, one questions at a want to know how this works either read a ton of forums or go buy a self help book about online dating. Seems to me like your reply was a waste of time and provided zero contributions to the thread, I only asked 2 questions but i guess you were too busy finding something to argue about.

Coffee shops are "ok" but bookstores have yet to have the type of women I am looking for but is a possibility. Women more so than men have to show some skin and BAM!


  1. Launched in 2004, OKCupid works with many populations of people.

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