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In late 2003, insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq had caused issues for the agency with their use of “high powered cordless phones”, which could be used to denotate IEDs as well as for communication.

Later disclosures by other whistleblowers shed light on some of the tools governments are employing in response to this issue.

Air France and Air Mexico flights were discussed as specific targets as early as 2005, based on possible terrorist threats to these airlines.

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Source documents: SIGINT Analysts: In-flight GSM Is No Joke In-Flight GSM THIEVING MAGPIE – Using on-board GSM/GPRS to track targets HOMING PIGEON Related articles: Les compagnies aériennes dont Air France visées par les services secrets américains et britanniques, by Jacques Follorou, https://December 2016 in Details from documents in the Snowden archive, together with architectural plan, public records and interviews with former AT&T employees suggest that an AT&T communications hub at 33 Thomas Street in lower Manhattan is also an NSA surveillance site codenamed TITANPOINTE.

AT&T is referred to in several documents as LITHIUM, the partner who visits to TITANPOINTE must be coordinated with.

That, and the NSA server (FOXACID) has been described in previously published documents from the Snowden archive.

Revealed documents: FOXACID SOP for Operational Management of FOXACID Infrastructure Wireless LAN/CNE Tool Training Course and Evaluation Introduction to WLAN / 802.11 Active CNE Operations Introduction to BADDECISION FOXACID SIGINT Development Support II Program Management Review DGO Enables Endpoint Implants via QUANTUMTHEORY QUANTUMTHEORY success at SARATOGA Expeditionary Access Operations: NSA’s Close Access Network Exploitation Program Related article: The NSA Leak is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm, by Sam Biddle, 19 August 2016 in the show how the NSA’s capabilities have at times been frustrated by the adoption of relatively low-tech strategies.

A GCHQ document from 2009-2010 explains the PHANTOM PARROT tool, which enables the search of data downloaded from phones seized during border stops, often unbeknownst to their owners, which has then been sent to GCGQ for inclusion in a central database (LUCKY STRIKE), where it is integrated with financial data.

The previous UK Independent Reviewer of Terorrism Legislation stated on several occasions that the current system is not subject to sufficient safeguards.

The DIA unit was tasked with producing intelligence for the military “in support of force health protection”, particularly in the field of epidemiology.

The collaboration allowed the NSA to analyse the impact of China’s SARS outbreak on governance, local media, the economy and the “readiness” of the People’s Liberation Army.

Source documents: PHANTOM PARROT FININT Tasking Related article: Airport Police Demanded An Activist’s Passwords. Now He Faces Prison In The UK, by Ryan Gallagher, 23 September 2017 in the A 2011 report from CSEC describes how a group of hackers codenamed MAKERS MARK, who were believed to be associated with Russia regularly compromised “really well designed” systems for obscuring their identity by logging into personal accounts.


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