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Export of terranes was promoted by Gondwanaland-induced heat, and internal breakup by Pangea-induced heat.

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Local craft beers of all styles have dominated shelves of local grab-n-go spots, distributors, and taps at our favorite watering holes. Self guided tours are also allowed during these hours. Yuengling Summer Wheat was voted Beer of 2014 by Joe Sixpack. The layout of the building gives visitors an inside look at their brewing process throughout the bar and restaurant.

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes to see how those hoppy ales get made? - Downingtown, PA) The home of Victory offers guests the chance to see what goes on during the process of brewing their finest ales and get a history lesson about the brand and its vision. Year-round beers: Sly Fox Brewing Company (331 Circle of Progress Dr. N., Neshaminy Creek is a must-go-to spot for beer enthusiasts. Year-round beers: River Horse Brewery (2 Graphics Dr. - Perkasie, PA) This Bucks County, kid-friendly brewery offers tours on Saturday’s at 1 p.m. Aside from the tour, you’ll get to see their new taproom that includes 18 beers and you’ll find out how they transformedn this room. Tours are Monday-Friday at 1 p.m., and Saturday-Sunday at 3 p.m.

In the Early Permian, the self-induced heat beneath Pangea drove the first stage of differential subsidence of the Gondwanaland platform to intercept sediment from the melting ice, then to accumulate coal measures with , and subsequently Early Triassic redbeds.

An orogenic zone along the Panthalassan margin propagated from South America to Australia and was terminally deformed in the mid-Triassic.

Since each batch typically lasts a month, you’re likely to find something new to try each visit. with two options: take the free tour or pay $5 and receive a tasting and complimentary glass to take home. - Philadelphia, PA) This is quite the place to catch a nice view of the river, enjoy some food, and sip a local brew.

Gondwanaland lasted from the 650–500 Ma (late Neoproterozoic-Cambrian) amalgamation of African and South American terranes to Antarctica–Australia–India through 320 Ma (mid-Carboniferous) merging with Laurussia in Pangea to breakup from 185 to 100 Ma (Jurassic and Early Cretaceous).

More » Ama Cello, an Aria Class vessel, offers 7-night cruises on the Rhône River in southern France, between the Lyon (about 400 km SSE of Paris) and Arles (about 35 km from the Mediterranean coast). More » APT has one Aria Class and 11 Concerto Class river ships sailing the Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle rivers across Europe.

More » APT has one Aria Class and 11 Concerto Class river ships sailing the Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle rivers across Europe.

Another magmatic province was erupted at this time between southern Africa and southeastern Australia.

The northeastern Indian Ocean opened from 156 Ma, and the western Indian Ocean from 150 Ma.

The shoreline lapped the flanks of uplifts generated during this complex terminal Pan-Gondwanaland (650–500 Ma) deformation, which endowed Gondwanaland with a thick, buoyant crust and lithosphere and a nonmarine siliciclastic facies.


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