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I didn’t feel comfortable doing so on my own, and told him that I already had plans with friends.Use discernment and get a sense of whether or not such a white lie may help protect you.Between worrying about what shots to get, what would happen when I got sick for the first time, and whether or not I would be safe, India required a huge mental adjustment — this wouldn’t be another beach holiday or European city break.

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Instantly a crowd of about 20 men surrounded our rickshaw.

Citlalli and I nervously said hello, hoping to break the tension we felt as two foreign women in such a situation, when a white-haired shopkeeper approached us.

Drawing on my own time in India as well as advice from other women who have traveled there extensively, here are 11 tips to help ward off unwanted situations — but also keep you open to positive experiences: As you would for any destination, spend time learning about India and its customs before arriving.

Go in with your eyes wide open, having taken the necessary steps to be educated and prepared, and understand that what awaits you there may be vastly different from what you’re used to.

This mutual exchange is one of the many things I love about travel.

The fact that I am unmarried at 27 and travel alone was often surprising to the Indians I met, and I enjoyed our conversations about our different cultures — conversations that might not have taken place had I worn a fake wedding ring or pretended that my fake husband works in Mumbai.

Consider wearing Indian attire such as a kurta (long, loose tunic) or a shalwar kameez suit, which can easily be picked up once you arrive at local markets or from stores like Fabindia.

This is by no means a guarantee of your safety and may not change the way men act toward you, but there’s no need to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

The challenge lies in refusing to accept such occurrences as the status quo, while still choosing to focus on the positive.

This might sound trite or naïve, but it’s a choice that India demands of you.

In his hand were two tiny cups of sweet, steaming chai.

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