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For one, focus on the issues that unite you, rather than those that divide you.

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The whole date I kept thinking, Until, of course, I asked him about politics.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend any discernible amount of time arguing the necessity of immigration reform or gun control or military spending, and I knew that dating him meant I would.

It was always the people first and the politics second.”On election night in 1992, a crestfallen Stuart convinced Gwen not to go to Little Rock for President-Elect Clinton’s victory party; instead, he proposed at the Ritz-Carlton on Embassy Row.

(This year, Gwen is supporting Hillary, and Stuart, due to the nature of his job at a nonpartisan organization, declined to share his candidate.)The Morrells and Hollidays could serve as models of bipartisan cooperation for today’s caustic couples (and, for that matter, Washington at large).

When I found out he had guns in his house and would never part with them, I second-guessed our relationship even more.

(I should point out here that I did find out early on we were both pro-choice and pro-marriage-equality, two things that made the Republican pill easier to swallow.)It would have been so much easier to date a liberal: someone to emphatically agree with me on pretty much everything, who wouldn't have minded ridding his home of deadly weapons or didn't own any in the first place.

When Nicole Morrell met her now-husband, Jim, in the summer of 2002 at Capitol Lounge, a Washington, D. dive bar filled with Hill staffers, she was a fundraiser at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and he was a Republican working in the House of Representatives.

During the courtship that followed, Nicole recalled, there were nights out with friends when discussions grew heated over “stolen” elections, redistricting, or Al Gore winning an Oscar.“There were more nights than I can count when we would finally decide to call it a draw and go to bed when the sun came up and we were still arguing about policy decisions and who was to blame for the latest failed or passed piece of legislation,” Nicole said. It wasn’t that long ago that we stayed up much too late arguing about U. corporate tax policy.”Spoiler alert: Love transcended party divisions for the Morrells, even as Nicole went on to serve as a trip director on John Edwards’s presidential campaign, and Jim worked for President George W. (Nicole now supports Hillary Clinton, while Jim was for Marco Rubio but is now undecided.) Because Nicole grew up with a Democrat mother and Republican father, her own bipartisan relationship didn’t seem so crazy to her.

“If there was a really bad debate performance by President Bush, for example, I would be in a funk, and she’d have to lift me up out of it, which she always did,” he said.


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