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Several well-known cases held that this sort of activity made the host a "publisher" of the content and therefore liable under traditional principles of defamation law or common law rules covering other torts. The terms and conditions should also protect the owner's own content from use by third parties, particularly where not protected by copyright laws.

Congress overruled these cases and it is now clear that hosts are free to monitor content, and to take down problematic postings without risking any liabilities based upon such active involvement. For a discussion of this topic, see Website Terms and Conditions Held Applicable to Content Copied by Robot or Spider, found .

Two years after the CDA was adopted, Congress plugged this hole by passing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). 1998), the court summarized the situation as follows: "Congress has provided immunity even where the interactive service provider has an active, even aggressive role in making available content prepared by others.

It provides a safe harbor from copyright liability if certain conditions are met. Interactive Computer Service Congress defined "interactive computer service" very broadly, and courts have consistently defined the term expansively. In some sort of tacit quid pro quo arrangement with the service provider community, Congress has conferred immunity from tort liability as an incentive to Internet service providers to self-police the Internet for obscenity and other offensive material even where the self-policing is unsuccessful or not even attempted." The same is true at the other end of the continuum, where the host has no involvement and declines to remove potentially offensive content.

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