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Transgender seniors may also have long-untreated health conditions.

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This symposium offered leaders in the LGBT research arena an opportunity to share research tools and ideas, address research barriers, disseminate their findings, and learn about federal funding opportunities.

A comprehensive report on the symposium including Power Point presentations can be found on the IASWR Web site ( Mental health impact of child sexual abuse, rape, intimate partner violence and hate crimes in the National Lesbian Health Care Survey.

Transgender Aging Network (TAN) is the coalition member tasked with making sure that needs and issues of transgender elders are included in all materials to be produced in the coming months.

So while we anxiously await those resources, watch this month's "In the Life" to learn more about the issues, and to hear up-and-coming director Stu Maddux's insights from working with Krys Anne.

A transgender senior is also more likely to be without stable housing, the direct result of having been underemployed or unemployed.

While age discrimination is against the law nationally, the country still lacks protection from being fired for being transgender.

Some are truly alone, as was the case for Krys Anne. It is quite likely that a transgender woman will still have the anatomical features of a male, as was true for Krys Anne.

Transgender men may still have certain anatomical features of a female.

Without insurance coverage, the out-of-pocket cost of transgender surgery is prohibitive for many.

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